The Concerts

Lumen Christi concerts are refreshingly unique. You will hear beautiful music praising God. You will also be invited into a prayer experience. This is done through the use of reflective narration interspersed with the musical numbers. Your parishioners, or group members, who volunteer will be asked to participate in meaningful liturgical actions at appropriate times within the concert. This reinforces the words and music that are heard with the symbolic actions that are seen. It also provides examples of how the music can be woven into your worship community’s own liturgies and prayer services. We invite you to join us in the song and prayer; words and music are provided in the program so that all may participate. Afterwards, the musicians will be happy to linger and speak to any concert-goers who might wish to connect. In this way we bless each other!

For Information on booking Lumen Christi Ministry for concerts, liturgies, or other events, please contact us at:
Lumen Christi Ministry Inc.
PO Box 45
Greendale, WI  53129

Phone Number:  414-828-7564

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Sue Meganck

As a member of the Promotions team, Sue has been actively involved in developing leads and booking concerts and/or concert and Mass combination events for Lumen Christi Ministry. Her past experience as a small business owner brings the energy and renewed spirit that has rejuvenated an excitement in our ministry. Sue has been an active member of St. Alphonsus Music Ministry for over ten years, with a short hiatus when her business demanded her focus, singing with, most recently, the 11:00 Mass choir. Sue has been called to our ministry and serves it with joy in her heart bringing Terry’s music to life through the Holy Spirit.


Carla Jager

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With corporate experience in promotions, recruiting, administration and seven years as the Business Administrator for St. Veronica Congregation in Milwaukee, Carla reached back on her past skills and, in collaboration with Sue, created our first Lumen Christi Ministry Newsletter in September, 2013. Her singing background in the theater and various choirs is another asset she brings to our ministry. Carla feels strongly that the inspirational music and spiritual message Terry composes for concerts is the ministry she wants to serve. She enjoys contacting Wisconsin and out-of state churches encouraging these faith-filled communities to open their hearts and to share Terry’s music through hosting a concert.

"Our Commitment is to inspire the celebration of Christ’s light through dynamic, liturgical music."