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     Terry Piontkowski


Terry Piontkowski began his liturgical music experience in his home town of Alpena,

Michigan. For more than thirty years, he has served as Director of Music and Liturgy for churches in Michigan and Wisconsin. He completed his formal music education and officially began his career as a composing artist in 1990.


In 1991, North American Liturgy Resources released Terrys first collection, Seeker of Silence.    This music had been so well received that churches began requesting complete concerts of his music. To help fulfill these requests, Terry created Parable Music Ministries in 1993, which would enhance and give life to his music.  While Terry was in Michigan, the ministry published two more collections of his original music, The Stone Still Cries, and Mystical Rose.

Terry moved to Wisconsin in August of 1996, and shortly thereafter, resumed recording and sharing his music. June of 2000 brought the completion of yet another collection entitled Bread From the Earth.  In May of 2001, the ministry was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under our new name, Lumen Christi Ministry, Inc. Terry's collection, Veni Sancte Spiritus was released in July of 2004 , Rise Up and Sing in December 2007 and Child Of Heaven - a collection of Advent and Christmas songs - was released in November 2010.  He is currently the director of Music and Liturgy at St. Alphonsus Parish in Greendale, Wisconsin.

Catholic Herald Article - October 2002

RPI News Article on singable music in Church


Eileen Carr-Fitting

The glowing reviews say it all, "the music of Eileen Carr is eclectic with a touch of classical, 'she has the voice of an angel,' and 'sincerity is the hallmark of her music'".

Eileen's story started in a lively Catholic, Irish home with 13 kids. Singing while doing the dishes was her university of harmony. It quickly became evident that she had a "big" voice for her age. It was then her brother introduced her to the theatre. She would go on to do many leads in musicals before she was out of her teens. Her musical career snowballed from there. Eileen became no stranger to many genres of music. Eileen has had a successful career in pop, theater, commercials, concerts, film, dating back to the 60's. She took time off to raise her family after 10 years on the road with a vaudeville-like comedy musical duo, "Carr and Shebesta. Eileen felt that while a comeback was inevitable, she wished to do something off the well-traveled path, something that would make a lasting, meaningful impression to the world of music.

Wishing to bring back peace to what she considered a hectic, stressful world, she chose her medium as a way "to bring back peace to the world." In 1999, Eileen Carr-Fitting released Pax.  Provoking, inspirational, and entrancing, Eileen Carr's voice replicated the solemn beauty and haunting resonance of music centuries old, while using modern day instrumental technology arranged by Terry Sweet to enhance the beauty of her voice and the music itself.

In December 2008, Eileen released A Mother A Child, a new compilation of four traditional carols in addition to Latin hymns off her groundbreaking CD Pax. A Mother A Child also features "A Mother A Child" written by Terry Piontkowski, a new and graced song of our waiting, our advent.

Link to Eileen's webpage




      John VanWagoner


John VanWagoner, singer, songwriter, percussionist and guitarist, was born in Delta, Utah.  I love to share music with others.  I believe God communicates to people through music.


After obtaining a degree in Music Education from Utah State University,   John taught classes in vocal, guitar and instrumental ensembles for over 12

 years.  In addition to composing and performing, he serves as a liturgical musician at St. Mary of the Assumption Parish in Park City, Utah.  John is currently working on a CD of his own works.




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