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Please read entire license carefully. Institution requesting license is responsible of adhering to its conditions.


Effective this Month: Day of: Year: ,

for the period of one year, Lumen Christi Ministry, Inc. a Wisconsin nonprofit organization here by authorizes permission to:


Church (School-Religious Inst.) .

Address: City: Zip: .

Phone: Email: .


Please Check One: The following prices are a based upon the number of copies needed to be printed.

0-99 100-699 700-1199 1200 or more .

$75.00 $125.00 $200.00 $225.00


The following institution License # ,

is given the non-exclusive right to reprint certain Lumen Christi Ministry, Inc. copyright titles for reproduction here and after called copies, subject of the conditions below.

  1. This license is restricted to printing of copies for congregational use only (i.e. the melody line and words of those parts sung by the assembly, including hymns, songs, refrains, and assembly parts of service music settings. Choir parts, choral parts, instrumental parts are excluded from this license.
  2. This license is limited to weekly, monthly, and seasonal disposable leaflets, bulletins, booklets.
  3. The rights of the document only apply to the name above. It may not be extended or loaned to any other group, church, organization.
  4. The full title, of each title and names of all composers (Author, arranger, composer, editor) must appear in your copy of each item reproduced. Composers name must appear even if words are only printed. Copyright notice must appear on first page of each and every song.
  5. The words copied with permission of publisher and License # must appear in the booklet printed.
  6. Two file copies must be sent to the publisher within 15 days under this license. All remaining copies one year from this date must be destroyed upon expiration date unless license is renewed.
  7. No other rights are given under this license. This contract is exclusive to Lumen Christi Ministry, Inc.



Name: Title: Date: .

Print-Director of Music (Liturgy) Print-Pastor